New York City Construction Awards

March 12, 2019 | New York City Construction Awards | Javits Center

Top tips on writing a winning entry!


Getting shortlisted for the industry leading awards can be great exposure for your business, but it can take a lot of effort to produce. To help you with your submission, we have put together our key tips for you to maximise your chances of writing the winning entry for your categories.


1 - Choose your categories – There may be a few relevant categories for your company to enter, so be sure to select all the ones that are in line with your products or services. Anything that you could have worked on in the past that has one way, or another shaped the industry, will be eligible to enter. You can select as many relevant categories as you wish. 

2 - Be a great story teller – With the construction and design industry being as competitive as it is, we highly advise for you to embrace the opportunity to add your personality into the submission. Our judges will be looking out for those who went above and beyond in many ways and adding your personality to this, will help in enhancing the way your company culture and ethos is perceived.

3 - Planning is key – Plan ahead, get your whole team involved and give the entry writer enough time to write your submission as putting together an award entry takes time and effort. Once you begin writing this, it will become evident that you need more time than expected. Word of advice is this is something not to be rushed.

4 - Facts mean everything – Be sure to answer the key aspects of any project or product development that you are referring to which includes who was involved, what you did, why you did it, how you did it and when. Answering these essential elements with concrete examples illustrates the positive impact it had on your business and industry. You can include these facts within your entry or as supporting information.

5 - Choose your supporting information wisely – After you have outlined the basis for your winning entry. Give it more grounds to stand on and include facts and figures to further support the influence you have made in the industry with your personal contribution, design, construction project or innovative product. We recommend including supporting information such as – testimonials from clients, statistics showing the growth in your business and or designs of your product or services.

6 - Focus on your message and keep it concise – Keep your sentences short and sweet and only include relevant information. Be critical on your words to ensure that you use them wisely. The judges have hundreds of entries to go through so be sure to include more facts, figures or testimonials. This will ultimately have a bigger impact on producing the winning entry. Also, be sure to reach your maximum word count for your entry. 

7 - Ask someone to proof read – Often when you are writing and reviewing your own copy for a while, you may not pick up on any small typos or mistakes. To ensure that the entry is grammar and punctuation error free, we advise asking for a second pair of eyes to glance over and check your entry.


Deadline: January 21st


Good luck and shortlisted candidates will be announced shortly after the deadline.